Amazing Places You Must Visit In Birmingham


Birmingham is one of the cities that has been found in the year 1871 and it has remained as a steel-making center and it has become one of the most growing cities in the world. It is no surprise that it is called as “The Magic City”. Today, Birmingham is not only the steel city but has good medical and financial center as well. It acts as a center for culture and heritage hosting the most beautiful golf courses throughout the year. Planning a holiday with your family is now easy with CLC Travel Centre to assist you with all your travel needs. Apart from a good break, holidays are also helpful in increasing your productivity at work. Read through to understand more about this. Here are some of the best tourist spots that you can visit when you are there.

Barber Motorsports Park
Barber Motorsports Park is the best courses for the car as well as the motorcycle races. It is considered as one of the best courses in North America. Ever since it opened in 2003, it has hosted much international racing and sporting events. Many product launches also have taken place in this location. It also hosts a museum called as Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. This museum is home for more than 1300 vintage as well as modern motorcycles. It has autos from 17 different nations and houses the largest collection of the Lotus race cars in the world. It is one of the most visited spots in Birmingham today.

Birmingham Zoo
Predator Zone is home for lions in the United States. It is present in the Birmingham Zoo and it is the first of its kind in U.S. It has two African Lions named Kwanza and Akili. These lions undergo training daily at Predator Zone and they are trained using commands. This is a wonderful sight for many of the visitors. The zookeepers monitor animal’s health and well-being on a regular basis and they are well maintained. There is a separate training area where the visitors are on the same level as that of the animals.

McWane Science Center
McWane Science Center is the best place for learning and fun. It is a non-profit museum that is run hands-on and is equipped with an IMAX Dome theater. It has four floors that have many exhibits showcasing the wonders of science and technology. It has a collection of dinosaurs right from their early stages to a great aquarium. There is also a demonstration of various scientific concepts that is performed by educators. The IMAX theater has a 5-story tall screen which is surrounded by high-intensity speakers. The visitors here sit wide-eyed as they enjoy the movie.

Vulcan Park And Museum
Vulcan Park houses the world’s largest cast iron statue. It is made using about 100,000 pounds of iron and it is 56 feet tall. Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and forge. It was created to be a part of the St. Louis World’s Fair for showcasing the capabilities of the iron industry. The pedestal which is located about 124-feet from the statue provides great views of the city.